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Donate Financially

Lafayette House receives financial support from private contributions, grants, state contracts, and the United Way. Your support will help! You may make a donation directly to our operating fund, or a contribution to our endowment fund.    If you can help, please call (417-782-1772) or click the button below to make your gift donation through PayPal!

Remember ... Missouri taxpayers who contribute $100 or more to Lafayette House are eligible for a 50 percent tax credit toward their state taxes (see below).

Endowment Fund:
Lafayette House established an endowment fund to plan for longer-term financial support. While the principal dollars in an endowment remain intact, Lafayette House will use the interest income from the fund to pay for special projects, capital improvements, or emergency needs.

Tax Credit Program:
The State of Missouri offers a Domestic Violence Shelter Tax Credit to encourage donations to domestic violence shelters. Simply send your contribution to Lafayette House, and we will mail you a tax credit application form - a brief, one-page form that verifies your contribution. Return the application to Lafayette House. Within six weeks, you should receive a tax credit certificate from the Missouri Department of Social Services.

Who is eligible?: any entity with a Missouri tax liability, including individuals, corporations, partnerships, etc.

Eligible donations include cash, stocks, bonds, marketable securities, land, and buildings. You may still take a regular charitable deduction on your Federal income tax.

For example:
A $500 donation to Lafayette House by a taxpayer in the 36% bracket would mean:   

Your gift: $500.00
Missouri Domestic Violence Tax Credit $(250.00)
Missouri state tax deduction (assumes 6%) $(30.00)
Federal tax deduction (assumes 36%) $(180.00)
Reduced deduction for Missouri taxes paid $90.00

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